Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hungry for More & Fear No Easel

 My current obsession as been the Hunger Games trilogy.  I can't get enough.

I have never read so fast and furious in my life! Here's a funny tidbit about me: when I was in seventh grade I begged my mom for a bow. Yes, I shot arrows in my back yard..not sure how I didn't take some one's eye out. haha. Anyhow, I just wrapped up Catching Fire and I was not disappointed. If you haven't been sucked into the girl on fire band wagon I suggest you jump in cause it's a fun ride!

Next on my list to read is:

In 16 days Jason and I will be cruising away to the Bahamas! I plan on relaxing and enjoying this little read...


I hear it might make me blush. Can't wait.

Earlier this week I got to use my artistic skills at Fear No Easel in Mount Pleasant with my coworker Gina. 

It was a fun night! Wine, girl talk, paint, all my favorite things. Oh please excuse how terrible I look, it was a looong day.