Friday, April 5, 2013

Remember That Time We Got Detained Near Canada

Thank God it’s Friday! Hello peeps.

Recently, Sondra and I flew up to Michigan to celebrate Brittany’s BIG 30th birthday. Brittany, Sondra, and I have been besties since the seventh grade. So when Brittany and her hubby moved up to Iceland Michigan we all did a sisterhood of the traveling pants promise to each other. Friends for life no matter the distance! Even if it’s visiting icy cold Michigan.

We decided to check out a Great Lake on our first day and grab some yummy Canadian iced coffee on the way.


I Red heart iced coffee. 

I never, ever, ever thought I’d be this close to Canada. We actually accidently got on the bridge to Canada (we meant to pass the exit). What happened next almost felt like we were on an episode of Homeland. (By the way, that show rocks!)

Let’s just say we didn’t have passports….

Let’s just say we ended up in a lane only reserved for Federal access…

Let’s just say we were asked to get out of the vehicle….

Let’s just say we spent an hour inside a Border Patrol & Customs building…


Word of advice: Do NOT take the NEXUS lane. Ever. It is not for people with fabulous hair.

After our detour we ended up having a blast visiting a Great Lake. It was HUGE. And cold.



I’m a squinter.


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Hello and Goodbye, Canada!

To warm up and end our day we checked out a Mexican restaurant and enjoyed some strawberry margaritas. YUM.


We were exhausted! and Happy! More to come.

oxoxo, G