Sunday, January 29, 2012

Map My Fitness

With weather like this in January there's nothing better than working out outside. I've had a hard crazy work week so when the Friday whistle blew I just wanted to run! Well, I can't run (yet), but I can walk. So as soon as I got home I laced up my Asics, grabbed my pup, turned on Pandora (Britney station of course), and hit the pavement. 

I signed up for the really cool fitness app called that tracks your mileage, time, steps, and even uses the GPS on your smart phone to show you where you were.  This walk could have been brisk (by that I mean  like 10 minutes), but it turned into a good little workout of 1.31 miles. Next time I want to walk 2-3 miles. My goal for February is to walk 5 miles a week (indoor or outdoor), and fit in other means of cardio.  Hoping to lose 6-8 lbs by March. Eek!

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