Monday, June 4, 2012

It's June!

It's June everybody! Why do I love June? Hmm. Well, it's my birthday month, and the official start of summer. Holler. My birthday is June 17th, so sometimes it falls on Father's Day. This year I plan on relaxing at the beach with friends and family. Well, my plans have changed y'all. My dad is flying up from Puerto Rico for the weekend!

Here's a quick  random recap of what I did this weekend.

I went to a Zumba class on Wednesday & Saturday.  I danced my booty off you could say and had a smile on my face the whole time. Who knew dancing and shaking what your momma gave ya with strangers could be so much fun?

         Did you know sweat is FAT crying? I sent Samantha and now she can't wait to try it with me.

Red faced, sweaty, and feeling good!

So Friday I went to a graduation party for my co-worker's daughter (who is also Lola's pet-sitter) . I can't believe it's been ten years since my own high school graduation. Eek, I'm getting soo old!  Anyhow, I found this Hallmark graduation card that is just perfect for a graduate..or anyone for that matter.

Couldn't be any more perfect, right? Way to go Hallmark.

Saturday, I went to Wine and Design and painted a yorkie for Belinda as her birthday present.  I've now been to Bottles 'N' Brushes, Fear No Easel, and Wine and Design. I've taken two classes at Wine and Design and in each class the artist instructing was a little, how do I say, bitchy. By far, Bottles 'N' Brushes and Fear No Easel had the best customer service.

This is how the pet painting works. You email a photo of your pet days before the class.  Then they screen that image on your canvas and paint away!

And here is Mr. Pele after.

It actually looks better in person, it's very detailed and his eyes really stand out.
She loved it!

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