Saturday, May 28, 2011

First Week on Weight Watchers.

 I survived my first week!  I lost an astonishing 8 lbs! My goal is to lose 2 lbs a week, but 8 lbs…I was floored. I do not expect that amount of weight loss each week, it's unrealistic, but I'll take it if that's how my body wants to operate.

The great thing about WW is the flexibility and freedom it gives you. You can still indulge on things like pizza and still lose weight, yes pizza people. I’m following the new points plus system and get to use a cute calculator to find out food values. It’s adorable, small, and looks like a makeup compact.

I also bought a dining out book, which gives you points plus values from some chain restaurants, and general food book that also gives you values on popular foods you buy.

My first big test was going to see a movie. One of my besties and I saw Bridesmaids Friday night, which by the way, was freaking hilarious! I mean I literally cried because I was laughing so much. I heard it was the chick version of the Hangover, but I actually thought it was better.  You must see it if you haven’t already.

Anyhow, back to food. I love movie theater popcorn, especially with chocolate. I knew I had to be good and stick to my point’s budget for the day so I popped some 94% fat free popcorn at home and stuffed it into two big zip lock bags.
   Plus this stuff is super expensive, 7 bucks for popcorn..really?!

94% fat free popcorn has just the right amount of a buttery taste and you can have 5 cups for ONE point!  

I also had chocolate, yes CHOCOLATE. I’m sorry but I can’t live without it. I had a York peppermint patty and it was only 4 points. So for my first day, I stuck to points daily budget and felt great because I still had foods I craved.

 I limited white breads and diet soda and drank tons of water. I know not all weeks will be this easy and I’ll hit bumps along the way but right now, I’m feeling pretty darn happy with myself.

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