Saturday, May 5, 2012

Carnival Cruise 2012. Part 1

We're back from our Carnival cruise and exhausted! We definitely had fun after a couple bumps in the road ( I'll explain later), but now it's nice to be home and have a couple of days off before we start work on Monday. 

I guess I'll start with the first day of our trip. We left Charleston super early and headed to Jacksonville where our port was. For the 4 hour car ride I submerged myself in this book.

I'm already on the second book, Fifty Shades Darker. It's not something I usually go for, however, it was a perfect read for our anniversary trip. wink wink.

Our ship was the Carnival Fascination. The Fascination is smaller and older, but it still had nice features. I do have to say at times I felt it was a bit crowded, especially compared to the biggest Carnival ship, the Carnival Dream (that's the one we honeymooned on). The room was nice, but it didn't have the interactive TV feature that allows you to check your tab and the menu for the evening like the Dream had.

Our room with a view!

Okay, time to vent. CARNIVAL LOST OUR LUGGAGE! Jason and I had two suitcases, one with clothes (all of our clothes) and one with shoes and toiletries. Long story short, after 27 agonising hours our luggage was found in another stateroom.

To make-up for their HUGE mess up, Carnival gave us an on board credit, a free bottle of wine, and 4 complementary drinks. Alright, I'm done venting.

Once we got our suitcase it was party time!! 

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