Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Early Birthday Bash!

What a weekend. My weekend was filled with girlfriends, jello shots, sangria, cupcakes, and lots of photos. My birthday is June 17th and my friend Dawn also shares that fabulous date. We planned an early birthday cocktail party at my place to get the night started with our lovely sexy girlfriends. I tried my best to behave and count points but that really didn't happen. I enjoyed the food and jello shots, I think everyone else did too.

                                                   Birthday girls!!!

My bestie Sondra baked up some perfectly pink cupcakes. Can't have a birthday without cake. Right?

We took lots of photos..

It was a phenomenal birthday celebration and it couldn't have happened without all my crazy, fun, amazing friends. AND I'm so lucky because more festivities are on this week's schedule.

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