Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Weekend Recap & Vampires.

Quick weekend recap:
Friday was my actual birthday and my momma asked me where I'd like to have dinner. After some thinking and craving, I decided on Wasabi's for some good ole Hibachi filet mignon, and of course, sour apple Saki. After dinner I considered getting a tattoo BUT it wasn't the right time. One day I'll own permanent ink, but Friday wasn't the day.

Saturday & Sunday Jason and I enjoyed a much needed simple weekend. We slept in, had some R&R by the pool, and took Lola to a vet appointment. Lola freaks out every time she walks into PetSmart. Her car ride was the height of her excitement. Look how cute she looks. And yes, she's finally getting a summer cut next week, so bye bye cute locks.

  It's just to darn hot for all that adorable white fluff. Speaking of hot, who's into True Blood?! We are totally True Blood fanatics. We join some friends every Sunday for TB pre-show shenanigans but this year we got HBO so we might have our own private TB parties. I was watching some of Season 3 and realized how much I totally miss the spunky writing, "His cheese done fell right off his cracker." <-- Hilarius!!

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